Haiti Earthquake Relief

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On August 14, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, causing severe damage across the country. The nation is still suffering effects from its 2010 earthquake, as well as hurricane damage and widespread poverty. Because of this, Haiti is in desperate need of relief to give medical supplies, food, and other aid. Make a donation to this Giving Fund today to help the people of Haiti recover from this devastating natural disaster.

Examples of what donations to this fund will be used for:

  • Providing families with urgently needed supplies, food and shelter materials.
  • Treating the injured at the clinic sites and in the field, providing radiography and sonography services for patients.
  • Arranging for tents as protection for patients with PTSD who are fearful of coming inside for care.
  • Transporting the seriously wounded in emergency transport vehicles.
  • Identifying organizations who can be ready to assist with replenishing food, medicine, and other supplies.

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Make A Donation To This Giving Fund

Organizations providing Haiti Earthquake Relief

Baltimore, MD
Portland, OR